Heartwarming Melting: Witness His Priceless Reaction to Seeing Everything for the First Time.

11:39 26/05/2023

Despite his condition, Leopold still learns to smile like any other baby. The ability to smile is not solely based on visual cues, but also on social and emotional cues that babies can pick up on even without clear vision. Therefore, Leopold’s condition may not necessarily affect his ability to learn to smile. However, it is important for his caregivers to provide him with appropriate support and interventions to help him develop in other areas of his life, such as mobility and cognitive skills, that may be affected by his visual impairment.

“He had never clearly seen his family and relied on his sense of touch to identify them, such as feeling his father’s beard and touching his mother’s face.

Thanks to special infant glasses from Miraflex, little Leo was finally given the opportunity to see. In a heartbreaking video that followed, Erin, Leo’s mother, puts the glasses on her baby boy. After a few moments, Leo realizes that something has changed, and as he looks up and sees his mother for the first time, he smiles.

Before this, Baby Leo had never clearly seen his mother.”

“He suffers from a rare disease that impairs his sight.”

“However, look at what happens when he is given glasses!”

“I was overwhelmed with emotion. It’s just very touching.”


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