Heartwarming Picture: Family Celebrates Six Members’ 6th Birthday Together

10:16 19/05/2023

A couple who found internet fame after giving birth to sextuplets have recreated their much-publicized family photo in celebration of their children’s sixth birthdays.

Mia and Rozonno McGhee of Columbus, Ohio, took the internet by storm in 2010 when they shared a portrait of themselves posed with their six bundles of joy.

And less than a decade later, the family is causing a stir with yet another heartwarming photoshoot.

Breathtaking moment: The family took the internet by storm in 2010 when they shared a portrait of themselves posed with their six bundles of joy

In the original photo, the newborns —  Rozonno Jr., Josiah, Madison, Olivia, Issac and Elijah — are naked and pictured sleeping on top of and around their father while their mother gazes lovingly at her family.

Six years after photographer Brian Killian captured the iconic shot with the help of his wife Janine, the family returned to his studio for a new photo just in time for the sextuplets’ sixth birthdays, which took place on Thursday.

The latest family portrait sees Rozonno Sr. once again lying down surrounded by his children — but this time the kids are awake and wearing matching brown tanks tops and jeans.

And while the doting dad was shirtless for the first shoot, he opted to wear a black button-down that matched his wife’ top Mia’s top this time around.

Growing up fast; The three boys and two girls celebrated their sixth birthdays on Thursday

Brian told ABC News that it was ‘fun’ to work with the family again, while noting that the kids are ‘so lovable’.

‘They just want to hug you. They’re full of love and full of joy. They were great,’ he said.

The photographer also admitted that it only took 15 minutes to shoot the portrait thanks to the use of Photoshop.

Brian explained that he and his wife photographed two siblings at a time before they put the images together using Photoshop — just like they did for the original shot.

Too cute: Growing Up McGhee, which premiered on UPtv on Wednesday, follows Mia and Rozonno as they help their children navigate new milestones in their lives

In addition to the kids’ birthdays, the family has a lot to celebrate as they are now the stars of the new UPtv reality series, Growing Up McGhee, which premiered on Wednesday.

However, the McGhees are no strangers to being in the spotlight as they were the first family in Columbus to have sextuplets.

After their family portrait went viral in 2010, Mia and Rozonno Sr. caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey and was invited on her show where they were gifted $250,000 credit at Walmart and a honeymoon in Las Vegas, despite the fact that the couple had been married for 11 years.

The couple, who are both from impoverished backgrounds, started dating when they were in high school and married when they were 18 and 19 years old, and they were determined to create the kind of family they never had.

All day, everyday: The series watched the family as they navigated work life and home life with their six babies and a small entourage of helpers

But Mia and Rozonno Sr. tried to have a baby for three years before finally turning to fertility treatment. They then received the news they were expecting twins but just after they were born they died.

Soon after, however, the couple learned they were expecting again — this time with sextuplets.

The couple and their miracle babies ended up staring in the 2012 reality series, 6 Little McGhees, which aired on the OWN network for three seasons.

In their new series, the loving parents and their six children will be tackling new milestones like teaching the kids how to swim and planning a spring break trip.

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