Spotting Exceptionally Rare Albino Snakes Across Australia, from Head to Tail

11:18 26/05/2023


While this snake is usually brown, the rare animal is white from head to tail.

A strange snake has just been kept in isolation immediately after being discovered because it is too rare and needs to be protected.

This particular snake belongs to a species of dark gray snake native to Australia. They are usually dark brown, according to the Mirror.

However, this snake is white from head to tail due to Leucistism, a syndrome similar to albinism in humans.

The snake has now been moved into a protected area at Territory Wildlife Park in the Northern Territory for safety.

A wildlife park spokesman said: “The snake has been quarantined at the park to ensure there is no threat of any harm to our animals.

“It will then be put on display for everyone to marvel at.”

Animal lovers are delighted with the photo of an albino snake posted online by the park. The park’s post was shared nearly 2,000 times on Facebook.

Net user Jeanette Bos wrote: “What a beautiful animal.” Matt Hough commented: “That’s a cool snake”.


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